Who I Am and Who I am Not

Don’t take me for granted. I may just surprise you.

Don’t forget to listen to me. I have much to say.

Don’t ask me to be who I am not. I love who I am.

Give me space to be, and you will get the same.

~Jo Story

Relationships are a tricky thing to navigate, but if you know a few simple tricks, you can create relationships that are only born out of legends! Does that seem like a lofty goal? Well, it can be. After living 42 years on this planet, I have had my share of relationship highs and lows. I share with you what I have learned in the hopes that perhaps you can avoid some of the lows, while experiencing more of the highs. Have a look around…read all that you can…check out my links…and relax. Life is not meant to be taken seriously.