Fairy Tales do come true!

Whenever we hear those famous first words, “Once upon a time…”, we know we are in for a bunch of nonsense and malarkey. One reason is that we just KNOW that people don’t live happily ever after in real life. Real life happiness takes work, and relationships just don’t work that way. It must be true and obvious to the observer that relationships don’t work–just look at all the people who get married after two weeks, and then divorce within a month or less. Or look at the domestic violence rates–obviously that does not make for a fairy tale relationship, right? But how is it that many people have stayed together through all the adversity and challenges they faced? How is it that many couples still manage to grow old together without even thinking about a divorce?

You can have the short answer now. The difference comes with knowing when to forgive and forget. Or, put in other words–stop being right, and love your partner. The longer answer, of course, will be answered throughout the life of this site, as it can be a bit tricky and complicated. (Though it doesn’t have to be, human beings make it a point to over think and over complicate even the simplest of concepts.)

Take the time to forgive and forget. Does this mean that you must accept what happened, especially if it hurt you greatly? Now, I am NOT by any means advocating to stay with an abuser. If you are getting abused, get out ASAP, because that is not healthy. But for most relationships, take a little time to get over yourself and your ego, and try to see the other person’s point of view for once. Get in their world and try to understand why it is they are saying what they are saying…and get clear on the message. This can help go a long way to forgiving and forgetting.

Now relationships (at least on this site) are not just limited to intimate relationships with your other half. You have relationships with your children, your parents, your friends, co-workers, bosses, and even the cashier at your local grocery store. We’re going to explore all of them and learn together how we can make those the best relationships you could want. Because living a life you love includes creating powerful and long lasting relationships that can be fairy tale-like. See? Fairy tales can come true!

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